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Last updated July 20, 2007

Scrum Mastering in Practice

featuring Sinan Si Alhir, Redpoint Technologies, and Len Lagestee, Cars.com

Friday, October 05, 2012

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Breakfast and check-in at 8 AM
UWM Lubar School of Business
Lubar Hall, Room N146

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A full-day seminar presented by Sinan Si Alhir and Len Lagestee. This workshop is being coordinated by Dr.Sanjeev Kumar, Assistant Professor in IT Management, Lubar School of Business, UW-Milwaukee


Agile is an umbrella term for Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean Development, Kanban, etc., which have roots in Agility or the “ability to be agile.” Scrum is a framework for organizing work; Extreme Programming (XP) practices are a discipline for software engineering; Lean Development is an approach for applying Lean thinking in software engineering; and Kanban is a method for enacting change. These approaches share a common value system, Agility, which emphasizes people, results, collaboration, and responsiveness.

The Scrum framework includes roles, events, artifacts, and rules. As organizations seek greater Agility, the Scrum Master role remains challenging. What is the difference between a Scrum Master and Project Manager? What distinguishes an average Scrum Master from an inspired Scrum Master? How can organizations best leverage the Scrum Master role?

While the Scrum Master may seem more or less like a “traditional” project manager, there are many distinguishing nuances. This workshop focuses on the Scrum Master role in integrating the product owner, team, and organization.

If you are doing anything with Agility/Agile, Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban, or are readying for an organizational transformation, don’t miss this workshop!


• Scrum Masters in an Agile World. This session focuses on Agility and the Scrum Master role while emphasizing its many nuances.

• The Transformational Scrum Master. This session focuses on how the Scrum Master can be leveraged to foster organizational transformation. We will explore how the Scrum Master is unique in coaching the organization to greater overall health, including the aspirational elements of “being” a Scrum Master and everyday traits of “doing” Scrum Mastering.

• The Relational Scrum Master. This session focuses on the relationships between the Scrum Master and the other roles. We will explore how the Scrum Master partners with the product owner, facilitates with the team, and becomes an agent of organizational renewal.

• The Professional Scrum Master. This session focuses on the daily interactions of the Scrum Master with the other roles. We will explore how to take the transformational and relational elements and apply them to the Scrum events.

• In Practice. This session focuses on how you can immediately begin leveraging the transformation, relational, and professional aspects of the Scrum Master role to achieve impactful results while adopting, scaling, and sustaining Agility.

About the speaker

Sinan Si Alhir

Si Alhir is a practitioner and coach (transformation, change management, and organizational development) working with SPR/Redpoint Technologies (http://www.redpointtech.com). He has over three decades of experience in transforming organizations/enterprises by synergizing business and technology around proven industry-recognized and organization-tailored principle-based practices. His clients have ranged from start-ups to the Fortune 500. He is the author of three books and two articles in the Encyclopedia of Software Engineering among other publications. He blogs at http://salhir.wordpress.com.

Len Lagestee

Len Lagestee is an experienced software and web development practitioner. In 2004, Len found his passion with Agile methodologies and became a coach, mentor, and evangelist. In 2010, he joined Cars.com as the Agile Practice Manager, taking an active role in the transformation from waterfall methodologies to agile. With this role, he has seven Scrum Masters/Agile Coaches on his team. Prior to Cars.com, Len was a manager of technology strategy at Allstate Insurance, focusing on web technologies for allstate.com. Len is a Certified Scrum Master and provides insight into agility, leadership, and organizational change on his blog, http://www.illustratedagile.com.

Who should Attend?

This workshop is for team leaders and team members (in business and technology), product and project management professionals, product engineering/development professionals, and other team members.


Sanjeev Kumar is an Assistant Professor in IT Management, Lubar School of Business, UW-Milwaukee.