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Last updated July 20, 2007

JavaScript, Dojo, jQuery, Comet

featuring Sang Shin Jpassion.com

Friday, November 30, 2012

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Breakfast and check-in at 8 AM
UWM Lubar School of Business
Lubar Hall, Room N146

Printable Brochure

A full-day seminar presented by Sang Sin. This workshop is being coordinated by Dr. Atish Sinha, Professor in IT Management, Lubar School of Business, UW-Milwaukee


JavaScript is finally getting its long overdue respect from the development community in recent years. There are few reasons for this. First and foremost, developers are finally grasping the power of the language. Second, the performance of JavaScript engines has increased drastically due to healthy competition among browser vendors. Third, HTML5 places JavaScript as one of its core technologies. Fourth, mature and powerful JavaScript frameworks such as Dojo toolkit and jQuery solve the problems of browser incompatibilities and provide widgets that used to be available only for desktop applications.

This workshop provides the attendees with the skills necessary to build rich front-end web applications using JavaScript, Dojo Toolkit, jQuery, Ajax, and Comet. We’ll explore these technologies in detail from both conceptual and coding perspectives. Attendees will receive 3 months free access to JavaPassion.com, which is a popular online learning site for Java and JavaScript developers.


• JavaScript

JavaScript functions, JavaScript objects as Hash, Creating JavaScript objects, JavaScript functions as first-class objects, Self-invoking function, Function scope, What is Closure? , Why use Closure?, Inheri-tance through Prototype, Function constructor and Prototype

• Dojo Toolkit

What is and why Dojo toolkit?, Dojo architecture, Loading Dojo, Dojo Loader API & AMD API, Deferring script execution until DOM is ready, DOM query via dojo.query, Event handling via dojo.connect, Event propagation via dojo.subscribe and dojo.publish, Modules, Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), JSONP, OO Programming using Dojo, HTML5 support

• jQuery

What is and why jQuery?, $(..) & jQuery(..), HTML element selections, HTML element manipulation, CSS manipulation, HTML event functions, JavaScript effects and animations, Data Collection manipulation, Forms, Ajax, building jQuery plugin step by step, HTML5 support, jQuery UI

• Comet

Introduction to Comet, Issues of supporting Comet, Bayeux and Cometd, Step by step process of building Comet application using Cometd

• Cross-Domain

Same Origin Policy, JSONP (JSON with Padding), Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

About the speaker

Sang Shin is known around the world as an expert who is passionate about Java and JavaScript Technologies. He frequently gives talks on various Java technologies, such as Java EE, Java SE, Web application frameworks, and Web services, Ajax, and SOA technologies, to developer audiences worldwide. He also founded JPasssion.com (JavaPassion.com), a popular learning site for Java and JavaScript technologies. As an adjunct professor, he also teaches software engineering courses at Brandeis University whenever he finds time.

Who should Attend?

Any developer who would like to enhance his or her knowledge of and hands-on coding skills for JavaScript, Dojo, and jQuery will benefit from this workshop. Attendees are welcome to bring their own laptop for doing the demo exercises together with the instructor. (Instructor will provide the lab exercises in USB memory cards before the workshop.) Some Java programming experience and some HTML knowledge will be useful but not required.


Atish Sinha is an Professor in IT Management, Lubar School of Business, UW-Milwaukee.