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Last updated July 20, 2004



       CTI Developed Custom Educational Programs




Custom Programs

CTI has extensive experience in designing and delivering high-quality, technology-focused education customized for business. These programs can include either credit or non-credit courses and can be delivered at either the UWM campus or the company’s campus. Non-credit courses are developed to meet the company’s specific needs, while the credit courses can be applied directly towards the employee’s undergraduate or masters degree. Both Metavante and Northwestern Mutual have participated in programs.


Internships in the Lubar School of Business allow MIS students to apply the skills they learn in coursework in a real world environment, usually for a 6 to 9-month period. Since CTI’s inception, 80 companies have sponsored over 450 internships for an all-time high annual average internships in the School. Internships provide valuable experience for MIS students and valuable assistance to the participating company. Among those companies with sizeable MIS internship programs are American Family Insurance, Metavante Corporation, Miller Brewing, Briggs & Stratton, eFunds, Johnson Controls, Kohl’s Department Stores, Northwestern Mutual, United Parcel Service, and We Energies. If you are interested in sponsoring an internship, please contact Dave Haseman at daveh@uwm.edu


Industry and local organizations have tapped the collective expertise of the MIS faculty at the Lubar School of Business. These faculty have advanced training and doctorates from many of the country's leading universities, and the breadth and diversity of their research have enhanced the reputation of UWM in the MIS field.